What to expect

You’ll be asked questions about your daily life and any tasks you’ve started to find challenging or are no longer able to do. You can expect to talk about your physical health, but the local authority should take into account your general wellbeing, emotional and cultural needs, too.

If there’s a part of your life particularly important to you and you’re worried you’ll no longer be able to carry on with it because of poor health or disability, it’s important to make your assessor aware of it.

If your assessed needs meet a set of national eligibility conditions, your local authority will then decide whether it has a legal duty to meet those needs.

You’ll meet the national eligibility criteria if you:

  • have needs because of a physical or mental impairment or illness;
  • can’t achieve two or more outcomes in the care needs listed in the box to the right;
  • have needs that are likely to significantly impact your wellbeing.

Outcomes for people with care needs

  • Managing and maintaining your nutrition
  • Washing yourself and looking after personal hygiene
  • Going to the toilet
  • Dressing yourself
  • Being safe at home
  • Being able to keep your home clean and suitable to live in
  • Keeping connected with family and friends
  • Going to work or to volunteer, or accessing training and education
  • Using services in your local community

You’ll be eligible for help if:

  • You have needs connected with giving care, and
  • Those needs mean your physical or mental health is getting worse or at risk, or
  • You aren’t able to achieve one or more outcomes from the list below, and
  • Your needs are likely to have a significant effect on your wellbeing.

Outcomes for carers

  • Providing care to the person who needs it
  • Keeping up a safe and clean home environment
  • Managing and maintaining your nutrition
  • Keeping connected to family and friends
  • Going to work or to volunteer, or accessing training and education
  • Using services in your local community
  • Enjoying hobbies and activities

If you’re a carer looking for advice or local support services, take a look the Carers UK website. They’re a charity that specialises in supporting unpaid carers. 

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