Care home and in-home care costs

Many people needing care find they’ll have to cover some or all of the costs themselves, which can be daunting. Thinking them through in advance will help you choose your next steps carefully. That can even stop you having to move to a new care provider later on if your care needs change.

In-home care costs

The United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) calculated a minimum price for homecare of £28.53 per hour. It covers the UK Living Wage for careworkers, and includes their travel time, mileage and wage-related costs. The rate also includes a minimum payment towards running a care business at a financially sustainable level.

Care home costs

Care home fees can be significant, though they will vary depending on where you live and what your needs are. In many homes you can expect to pay more than £1,000 per week, in fact the average weekly cost for a private payer in a residential care home is approximately £1,100 per week. This average increases to over £1,400 where nursing care is required.

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Ways of paying for care

There are several different ways you can pay for care, and most people find they need a combination of two or more to cover the full cost. These are some of the most common ways to pay:

Local Authority Funding

Your local authority may be eligible to cover some, or all, of your care cost.

NHS funding

If you have a nursing need as well as a social care need, the NHS could pay for some of your care.

State benefits

Regardless of means, every one needing care is likely to be eligible for an attendance allowance – it’s the most under claimed benefit in the UK.

Using your property

If you own a property you may be able to use the value in your home to help cover the cost of home care and any home adaptations or improvements.

Financial products

If you will be meeting your care costs as a self-funder, then it is advisable to speak with a specialist Independent Financial Adviser. They can advise you on specialist care funding products that may help you to cover the cost of care.

Care Concierge

If you would like some expert advice on finding a new care provider, resolving a dispute or exploring funding options then you might benefit from talking with our Care Concierge team.

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Understanding mental capacity

Losing your mental capacity can be a daunting prospect, however the sooner you plan on how to deal with it, the more in control you can be.

Finding care

Whether you need some help at home or want to find out more about Care Homes in your area, we have information on where to search and what questions to ask.

Need legal advice?

Solicitors for the Elderly are an independent specialist group of lawyers who support and make a difference to older people. They may be able to help you with Power of Attorney and Deputyship.