Power of Attorney

Planning ahead at an early stage helps avoid decisions being made in a crisis. If you have family or close friends that you’d like to be involved in decisions about your health and finances, then you could consider setting up a Power of Attorney.


While we do our best to prepare for later life, care needs can quickly escalate. If you've been unable to set up a Power of Attorney, you may want to apply for deputy powers.

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Staying in your home

There are a range of housing options available that mean you could still live independently while having care close to hand.

Need legal advice?

Co-op Legal Services provide regulated legal advice on later life topics such as Powers of Attorney and Wills. Their Executor & Attorney Support Hub has further information.

The cost of care

To make sure you're paying a fair amount for your care, and getting any financial support you may be entitled to, you should use our cost of care calculator.